Statutory Declaration

What is a statutory declaration?

A statutory declaration is a formal statement made to declare that something is true to the best knowledge of the person making the said declaration. It has to be witnessed in the presence of a solicitor, commissioner for oaths, or notary public.

Common Usage in Hong Kong

Statutory declarations are commonly used in Hong Kong in the following circumstances:

  • Statutory declaration to the Inland Revenue regarding the purchase of a property;
  • Statutory Declaration to Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) providers in case of early retirement or permanent departure from Hong Kong;
  • Statutory declaration made by a work experience student for a period of exempt student employment; and
  • Statutory declaration to support a complaint a doctor before the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

False Statutory Declaration

Under Hong Kong laws, it is a criminal offence for a person to knowingly and willfully make a false statutory declaration. If a person found is found guilty of having made a false statutory declaration, this person is liable on conviction upon indictment to imprisonment for two years and to a fine.

Witnessing a Statutory Declaration

A statutory declaration can be witnessed the same day you retain our firm. Our fee is HKD100 for witnessing a statutory declaration.

Drafting a Statutory Declaration

We often draft statutory declarations for clients. Our fee for drafting a statutory declaration starts at HKD500 and above depending on the complexity involved.


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