Recovery Scam


Victims of scams, having already lost a great deal of money, are often desperate to find cheap (or cost-effective) ways to recover the money they have lost and fall prey again to unscrupulous scammers.

Unfortunately, these scammers offer cheap and enticing recovery plans, but these plans are completely at odd with reality. Victims of cryptocurrency scams are often the main target of these scammers since it is very difficult generally to achieve any recovery in those cases.

Method Employed

Scammers operate mainly through elaborate websites that many (fake) reviews from (fake) victims claiming to have been helped by the company. These scammers will usually post on forums and approach directly victims of scams who are discussing their plight on social media.

The victims are told that they can be helped and need to pay an initial fee (typically USD1,000 or USD2,000) plus asked to enter into a profit sharing agreement whereby the scammers would be entitled to part of the funds recovered.

It typically ends with the victim realising that he has been once again defrauded and the scammers keeping the initial payment, and stopping all conversations once confronted with the truth.

Important Tips

Rely on a Legitimate Law Firm

Although it may sound self-serving, for the vast majority of scams out there, only legitimate law firms can advise you impartially and provide real viable solution(s) for recovering misappropriated funds or assets.

It is often the case that the only path available is an expensive and risky one. That is often the case for cryptocurrency scam cases.

Attempts at Recovery for Cryptocurrency Scams are Extremely Complicated and Expensive

Victims of cryptocurrency scams should keep in mind that in order to see some form of recovery, they need to be able to identify the owner of the digital wallet where the misappropriated funds were sent to. Often these digital wallets are hosted on an illegitimate platform or the account was opened using stolen credentials. Also, to add to the difficulty, the digital wallet involved is usually located in a different jurisdiction than where the victims think the scammers might be located.

Additional Questions

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