Fraud and Asset Recovery


Our firm has extensive experience handling asset recovery claims arising from cyber fraud, internet scams, frauds, thefts and other types of commercial crimes. We regularly assist our clients to handle the following type of cyber fraud cases:

In our experience, fraudsters will usually try to move the misappropriated funds as quickly as they can, and therefore it becomes a race against the clock to take urgent action to freeze those accounts in order to preserve the funds. In this regard, we are experienced at handling the typical court applications that help facilitates the recovery of funds:

  • Anton Piller (search and seize) orders;
  • Mareva (freezing) injunctions;
  • Norwich Pharmacal (third party disclosure) orders; and
  • Tracing and recovering misappropriated assets.

If you have any questions or need assistance to recover misappropriated funds, please contact us.

Cyber Fraud Guide

We have prepared an online guide to help you identify the type of common types of online fraud and steps you can take to safeguard your stolen assets and potentially recover them.

Victim of Online Fraud ?