Deed Poll


In Hong Kong, you can change your name (or the name of your child) at any time by way of a deed poll. A deed poll is generally required if you wish to apply to have your name changed officially on documents like your Hong Kong Identify Card (HKID), passport or driving licence.

What is a Deed Poll ?

A deed poll is a legal document binding a person to express an active intention; it is most commonly used for changing name officially. It can only be executed by an adult aged 18 years old or over. There are no limitations on the number of times a person can change their name.


There are certain restrictions when it comes to choosing a new name. It must not:

  • exceed 6 Chinese characters;
  • exceed 60 English characters;
  • contain Non-English characters;
  • contain any punctuation marks; or
  • contain vulgar or foul language

We reserve the right to refuse to witness a deed poll application with any name that we have reason to believe is chosen with the intention of committing fraud.

Changing the Name of a Minor / Child

Given Name / First Name

For a child under the age of 11, the parents can apply directly at any of the Births Registries in Hong Kong to have the given name of their child changed. A parent of the child in question must attend in person to make a declaration and produce the child’s original birth certificate (for further information about this process). After the age of 11, a deed poll is required to change the child's given name. Anyone who has custody of the child can arrange for the child's given name to be changed.

Surname / Family Name

A deed poll is always required to change the surname of a child. However, any change to the surname of a child must be done by written consent by everyone who has parental responsibility for the child in question.

Time and Fees Involved

A deed poll can be prepared, executed and witnessed the same day you retain our firm. Our fee is HKD500 is per deed poll.

If you have additional questions which are not addressed here or wish to schedule an appointment, please contact us by telephone on +852 2176 4777, by WhatsApp (+852 9547 5353) or by email at [email protected].

Our Guide to Change Your Name in Hong Kong

We have prepared a detailed guide on how to change your name in Hong Kong. Hopefully, this guide will address any questions that you have about the procedure for changing your name.

Permanent Resident Outside of Hong Kong

In light of the situation brought on by COVID, we had numerous permanent residents staying overseas and wondering whether it was possible to change their name without having to come physically to Hong Kong. 

It is in fact possible to do so and we have prepared a detailed guide explaining the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

We have listed the most common questions that we are being asked on a weekly basis and have answered them in some details here.

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