Deed of Guardianship

What is a Deed of Guardianship ?

A deed of guardianship is a legal document allowing parents (or current guardians) of a minor (aged 17 years old or below) to appoint, in advance, family members, and friends (or any other people) to act as the legal guardians for their child in the event of their death.

Appointing an Interim Guardian(s)

An interim guardian (also known as a temporary guardian) is appointed to take care temporarily of a minor until the said minor is in the custody of the permanent guardian appointed by the parents.

It is common for foreigners in Hong Kong to appoint local friends as interim guardians of their children in order to allow an easy transition whilst the overseas guardian travel to Hong Kong to take custody of the children. If the guardian is not in Hong Kong and there is no interim guardian appointed locally, the children would be in the custody of the Hong Kong SAR government until the guardian is able to reach Hong Kong.

Time and Fee Involved

A deed of guardianship can be prepared, executed and witnessed the same day you retain our firm. Our fee is HKD800 is per deed.

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